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This group is for solopreneurs, small businesses and other organizations in the Bay Area who want to learn more about marketing and self-promotion, and who are committed to sharing quality content (especially on our Facebook pages), in an effort to build stronger relationships and increase overall awareness in our local communities.

If you're in the Bay Area (Northern California) and you have your own Facebook business page where you post fabulous content on a regular basis (or want to!)... click here to join our Facebook group, then you can be added to our list of links.

One of the ways we can champion each other’s business growth is by liking and sharing each other’s Facebook page posts. It means spending just a few minutes each week engaging with fellow members’ content on their pages. You’ll get back as much as you give, if not more.

Engagement on our posts is what drives our collective ability to reach more people. A rising tide lifts all boats!

Just three rules for participation:

We are on the honor system. You’re free to leave the group at any time if your needs change – no pressure - just sharing and caring. Just put a weekly reminder in your calendar and have fun with it!


Your page should be complete with your business description, contact info, and quality photos. It can be brand new, well-established, or even ready for resurrection after a period of neglect – as long as you are ready to commit to using your Facebook page as the valuable marketing and self-promotion tool it can be.
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We are each committed to posting quality content (see below for examples) on our pages at least twice per week. Content which inspires, informs, educates, and/or elicits emotion is king! We value the 80/20 rule when it comes to authentic conversation versus commercial sales messages. We enjoy creating our own content, as well as celebrating or curating other people’s content that aligns with our values and our customers' interests. 

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By joining this group, we each promise to visit at least 3 other pages from our Facebook list each week and engage with at least 1 recent post on each page. Ideally we should mix it up and visit different pages every so often, depending on which businesses resonate the most with each of us. Keep your own followers' interests and lifestyles in mind – look to share posts that you think they will enjoy as much as you do.

Engaging with a post means a minimum of hitting the "like" button. But if you really like it, feel free to leave a comment. If you love it, share it to your own page and add your two cents.

facebook newsfeed settings for business pages

Change the newsfeed settings for the pages you plan to visit so it’s easier for you to spot new posts each week. Under the main “like” button at the top of any page, there is a drop-down menu – choose “See First” for your newsfeed. And if you really want to make sure you don’t miss a thing, set Notifications for the page to “On” and you’ll get an alert whenever there’s a new post.

There is no limit or exclusivity in this group, so we may have a few businesses who compete directly with each other. There’s room for everyone to benefit from this group, so with the honor system in place, we all promise to be respectful competitors and play nice in the sandbox.

PLEASE NOTE - the group moderators reserve the right to remove anyone who’s not contributing or not respecting the honor system.

Examples of quality content: 

  • Personal observations, humor, curious trivia
  • Business news, industry expertise, topical facts, current trends
  • Helpful tips, hacks, recommendations
  • Motivational quotes and images
  • Celebrating your colleagues, customers, community
  • Photos of interesting or inspiring things in your life (pets, vistas, parties)
Good grammar, proper spelling, positivity, and clear, well-lit photos are desirable. Try to appeal to your target audience in a variety of ways – talk about their lifestyles and personal interests as well as your own. Focus on real thoughts, useful Q&A, organic conversation starters, value, integrity, transparency and fun. Remember that even though we’re using it to develop our business relationships, social media is still “social” at its core.

Don't be afraid - dive in! Call me if you need help - I want to see you succeed.


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